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3 Day Weekend

February 14, 2009

I took Monday off.  I think that I need a mental break from work.  Especially if my collegues are to survive!  Today I am going to finish cleaning the house and work on getting caught up with my laundry.  I am also going to try to work on my Business English class, and finish up Unit 1.  I am waiting for MrB to get home (he was out picking out a suit with a friends that is getting married in May), and then I am going to go to the store.  It has been forever it feels like since I have been, and our cupboards are pretty bare.  I am also hoping to do some yard work this weekend.  Maybe tomorrow, although they are forecasting snow! And lastly is that I need to go through all of our papers, and even my TEFL papers and get everything completely organised.

We have nothing planned for valentines Day.  I am going to get something nice for dinner tonight while I am at the store, but I think that is going to be the extent of it for us. I am happy though, I just want to spend a relaxing long weekend at home and get some things done that need to be done that we don’t have time to du during our buzy weekdays!  Plus we got a new vaccum the other day, so I think that is going to be our present to one another…  Things get really romantic after a few years of mariage!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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