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January 11, 2009

We have no water!  It has gotten pretty cold here lately and the water counter exploded.  We are actually pretty lucky, because it is the counter that broke, so hopefully it will be at the charge of the water company, and not ours!  We are also lucky that the pipes didn’t break under the house or on our side of the counter.  Not only would that have been at our charge, but it would have been really expensive and a lot of work!

We called the water company for someone to come out and fix it today.  As today is Sunday in France I wasn’t really counting on someone coming.  We ended up speaking to someone, the emergency number left on their answering machine.  The problem is that somewhere there is an entire village without water, so the entire water company was out digging in the ground somewhere looking for the leak.  Yikes!  So we have to call back tomorrow and hope that someone can come out and fix it!  In the meantime I filled up a large pot with water to last us until tomorrow and we are going to a friends house tonight to take a quick shower.  I just hope that tomorrow when I get home from work that everything will be back to normal!

Somehow, though, I think that is a lot of wishful thinking!

Maybe we will have to eat out tonight too, to avoid having a ton of dishes piled up especially if this is going to last a long time!

I guess the good side of all of this is if we do decide to sell this house someday, it will have new windows, a new water counter, and a new electric counter (yes, we had to change that too when we first moved it…  It never ends!)

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