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Weekend over

January 4, 2009

The weekend always seems to go by so quick!  It feels like I barely get home on Friday night, and it is time to start over again!!  And since I go to work basically back pedaling, I think that I feel that way so much stronger!

This weekend was nice though.  Saturday we did some shopping, and bought a new rug for our living room floor.  We went to Ikea, and Aliena and ended up finding rugs that we much more original, and a lot nicer looking at good old Saint Maclou.  I was stuck on the idea that we could only find something at Ikea, but MrB forced me into the other store and their stuff was so nice!  I think that I might go back once we get our new windows to check our the curtains.  Anways after that, we ate at McDonalds, and went to the Orange store to find out how to switch providors so tha I can have the iPhone.  We got the information, went home cleaned up for about a half an hour, and then we headed to the Orange store closer to the house, bought the iPhone, and after went out to dinner.

Today some friends came over for lunch and stayed until about 6pm.  After they left I took a short nap…  Now I have to go to bed and get ready for work tomorrow.  I am going to have to leave the house super early because it is supposed to be pretty dang cold out there tomorrow…  Hope that I make it ok to the train station, and on to the train!  On Friday I feel getting out of my car!!

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