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Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2008

For thoses in France it is probably already over!  Or almost!  Here in the US we are doing our celebrations tomorrow.

In other news I slipped on some slick bricks and sprained my ankle.  I haven’t cried over something painful in forever, and that made tears spring out of my eyes.  My Dad and sister told me to walk it off, so I did.  We loaded up on firewood, and it felt fine.  Until I sat down and it is now throbbing.  Got to love that.  I am just glad that it is not broke!  My parents healthcare plan just kicked me off, and I cannot even begin to imagine the logistics of dealing with that here in the US, while trying to get me French healthcare to kick in…  Makes me think that I should kind of try to look into that sometime.  Could be useful information at some point.

Tonight we are going out to dinner, and then tomorrow is Christmas, which should be fun.  It is going to be the four of us, and 3 old neighbors that have no where else to go on Christmas day.  So we kind of take them in.

I spoke to MrB.  Everything is going fine in old France.  They are doing their gift exchange thing tonight, and he will head back to our house on the 27th so that he can be there at 6:35am to pick me up from the airport totally weighed down with all of my bags! I saw an old high school friend the other day.  It was a little weird,  I have yet to decide if I am going to pursue anything out of the whole situation or not.  I probably should.  She was one of my best friends when I was in high school.  But then again people change and maybe we don’t even have enough in common to talk about…  Who knows…

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