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December 23, 2008

I finally feel like I am adjusting to life in the US.  Just in time to leave on Saturday!  I knew it was going to be short when I came, but thats ok, better to come a little then not to come at all in my book!  Although I do now feel like I definatly have my ‘place’ in my home in France, and it is going to feel nice going back to my home.  And I am sure that my boys (both the husband and the dog) are going to be thrilled to have me back!  I miss them both so much.  I feel so lonely hanging out by myself when everyone (and my parents dogs!) are at work.

It had been good though for my TEFL certification.  I am about a half and hour away from finishing Unit 16, so only a few more to go.  Hopefully I will finish Unit 17 tomorrow and maybe get 18 and 19 done on the 24th.  That would be so nice, then on the 26th I could do Unit 20, and be done with the whole thing.  I’d have nothing else left to do!  Or at least until my girl gets home from her end of the year break and corrects my homework and then we start on the more specific lessons for young learners and business learners and I’ll be back at it again until probably this summer!

Tomorrow we are going, with my sister, to see one of my really good friends from high school (and also her sister who was really good friends with my sister for a year to two there).  We haven’t seen each other since I left for France.  It is going to be interesting…  I kind of wonder how the whole thing is going to turn out.  I mean what do you say after 7 years?  I was the instigator of the whole situation, so I am feeling a little bit of pressure that everything turns out allright.  I am sure that it will, the first few minutes may be a little awkward though!

We got the Christmas tree!  Every year we go 4-wheeling with my Dad to get a tree, or a branch, out of the woods.  This year we opted for a little branch thing.  It is actually pretty, it is already Christmas colors, red bark and green leaves, and it even has some berries and little while flowers for decoration.  We put it up, and my sister and I decorated it with about 10 ornaments which is about all that the tree can handle.  It always amazes me how fast time goes by.  It is already almost Christmas, and before we know it is going to be next year!  2009!

Bring it on.  I am ready!

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