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Shopping and Windows

December 18, 2008

Ok, so I admit it.  I never buy anything in France.  The sizes are weird, the vendeuses follow you around like you a piece of meat and them a large prey cat, all for a 20 euro top, and I hate it.  I do my clothes shopping in the US, or from France on the internet.  It is one of the things that I look forward to, and dread all at the same time.  It is nice only having to go clothes shopping once, maybe twice a year.  On the other hand that day or two that I spend doing that clothes shopping is hell.  I don’t like the mall (my teenage self would have never thought I would say that), and it seriously feels like a marathon.  Add to that the fact that in the past year I have put on some weight*, so I almost have to start over on the clothes department, and it feels like a disaster in the making.

The one thing that we do have going for us this time, is that because of the economic situation, I think that the mall will be pretty much empty, even this close to Christmas.  And with a little luck there will be sales all over the place trying to get people to spend their hard earned money!  Last time I was here, at Eddie Bauer, they had a sale where if you bought one pair of pants, you go 20% off your entire purchase.  Or, the Patagonia Outlet is near my parents place and last time I went there, they had their sales and I got a ton of stuff really cheap, a dress for 20 dollars, a nice wool sweater for 34.  I only bought one last time and I really regret it.  Especially since we are being super frugal this year with the heat in the house (read none), at least until we get out new windows in.  Our old ones are so awful, that we are pretty much heating outside.  With the new ones we are thinking that we may even be able to forgo the radiators completely most winters.  Yes, our house is that small!  So, I am off for a day of consumerism.  I am going with my sister so it should be fun, at least we’ll laugh, and I will replenish my wardrobe some until I am back in the US this summer!

*I think that it is due to my job, which I guess if I really think about it, I hate.  I am scared to leave and try to find somehing else because I found this one almost too easily, so I kind of feel like it would be a disaster looking for another one (karma, anyone).  And we are thinking about having a baby, and the Convention Collectif for the Bank for that is really great.  Can’t really turn my back on 9 months of maternity leave.  Plus I am thinking about doing translation and giving classes and more kind of working from home.  (with the cost of daycare vs what I make it may work out better for us in the end too).  I know it is kind of far fetched and really  hard in France, but I really don’t see myself out there in the corporate world, and I do have to bring in some income, unless MrB gets a fabulous promotion to a cheaper area then the Ile de France…  Sorry, this concludes the post within the post!

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