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December 2, 2008

We survived the tourism and the “Mr and Mrs B Tour de France”* rather spectacularly if I do say so myself.  On the whole the trip was fun.  I do think that we were all happy to split up though while our guests are off on their own adventures for the week and we are cleaning through the wake.

What never ceases to amaze me is how ‘normal’ everything out here has become for me.  While our guests were oohhhing and aahhhing over every little thing in France, the food, the architecture, how dressed up people are, I couldn’t help but realise that I am lucky to live in such a beautiful country no matter how messed up it can seem sometimes.  I am also lucky to have a loving husband.  MrB drove us from destination to destination, translated when i was too tired, and has a fabulous family (even though they do drive me crazy sometimes) that showed my parents friends around as if they were their own friends.  I am also so very lucky to have my own home.  Ok it is teeny tiny small, but it is better then what some people have, and we can always sell and move one day.  And so I own a lot of money to the bank or it, but every month the sum that we owe gets smaller, and it is a great little love nest for me and MrB.  I am even lucky to have a very well behaved little dog that I can tote around anywhere, and usually (except one little accident) behaves himself life a champ.  I am also lucky that I was able to adapt easily to a new country, and besides a little hitch here and there I have had no problem finding a little spot for myself out here in the wild world that is France.

All in all this week is starting on a good note.  MrB has a new car, we are getting a new TV and home cinema soon, we both got paid of 13th month salary, and we have even paid a part of our new windows.  I also have my ticket for my next trip to the US, in just a mere 2 weeks.  I am excited to go home for 10 days.  I am also excited to take a week off in January of February to do nothing with my man and just relax a little!  The end of the year is pretty busy, I will be happy just to have a little time to sleep!

I am going to try to put up some pictures of our trip, hopefully tomorrow…

*The Tour is really pretty simple.  It involves going to see members of MrB’s family.  This time we went to Bourges, A Very Small Village in La Creuse, and Marseille.  It varies from time to time, but usually follows that course more or less.

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  1. December 6, 2008 5:59 pm

    Love you taking stock of the good things!! I try to do that, too, as much as I can.

    Can’t wait to see some photos!

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