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November 23, 2008

It snowed today for about three hours!  Heavy, think snow flakes that rained down from above.  We were in the downtown of the town nearest to mine, and it was snowing so hard that we decided to come home and watch a movie.  I wanted to take them to Provins today to check out the medieval walls, but it was so cold when we were out and about that we just came home.

I am so happy.  MrB bought me a new flash for my camera for my birthday.  Now I just have to figure out how to use it!  It could be fun though, and now I’ll be able to take some pictures at night, and in different settings.  I am sure that it could be pretty fun.

The visit so far has been pretty fun.  I have been really tired, because we have been running around like crazy and it is kind of hard making sure everyone is keeping up and what not.  Below is a little recap of what we have been doing.  And what we are going to do for the rest of their time in France.  Any suggestions are welcome!

Day One : We went first to the Louvre.  We stopped in a cafe, had a coffee, they had croissants.  We bought our tickets to the Louvre and did the whole wing by the Mona Lisa.  I didn’t really want to see that, but they did, so we went.  Then we went to check out Notre Dame.  It was pretty fun.  Ralph almost got sucked in by the beggars, I had to run over there and call them off, he would have been pickpocketed in about 2 minutes if I wasn’t there to save him!  Then we came home and had some dinner.

Day Two : We went to Montmartre and Sacre Coeur.  We had lunch up there, French Onion Soup.  Then we wandered down the hill, hopped back on the metro and headed to the Eiffel Tower.  My guests did not want to go up the tower, so we hung out on the bottom of the Tower, took some pictures and headed back home.  We really have not been doing all that much, because I think that the earliest we headed into Paris since they have been here is 11.30am.

I am not sure what we are going to do tomorrow.  I got an email saying that there is a strike tomorrow on the train…  It looks like the latest train is at 9am or something and then there are no trains until the return rush hour, on the way home.  That is kind of a long day to hang out in Paris.  Tuesday we are going to MrB’s Grandparents house for lunch, they are going to make a very traditional French lunch for us.  After we are going to head to the other side of the family’s country home for 2 nights, and one day.  And then we are heading to the south of France to see Damien’s parents for 2 nights as well.  After we will come back to Paris and it looks like I will take them to the train station in the morning on my way to work, and they’ll head to Amsterdam for 5 days.  The plan for the moment is that Damien will pick them up on their way back from Amesterdam next Friday night.  Then we will drive them down to where they pick up the boat.  And then we will be done with guests for a while!  We’ll spend one or two weekends just the two of us before I head to the US for Christmas.

Wow I have to hurry on my English classes, the end of the year is coming up pretty quick!


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