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Of Soupe and Firewood

November 19, 2008

I just make a pumpkin soup!  The whole house smells nice and festive now!  I am letting it cool down for the moment, and then I am going to dish it into some ziplocs, one portion at a time.   All those days that I get home at 8 or 9pm, making dinner will be so much easier, and healthier!  I am going to start over right away and do a potato, leek and carrot thing.  I hope that will be good, too.

I am home alone today getting ready for our visitors that arrive tomorrow.  I have to still make the bed, clean the kitchen, and also one of my goals is to do at least one lesson, but hopefully two of my TEFL class.  I bought two new pillows for the guess room.  We had two already, but they were kind of lumpy, and I think that it will make the room look a little more inviting.  The sheets have these jumping dolphins on them.  They are from MrB’s first double bed, probably when he was 14 or something like that!

I also washed the dog today.  He was not all that happy about it, I guess it is a little cold out for a bath, but I had a roaring fire going, so he dried in about 5 minutes.  I finally found out what dog is peeing on our gate too!  The neighbors dog jumps the fence and comes on over on his own!  I guess he is enlarging his territory.  Too bad he does it on his own and it is not someone walking their dog that I can say something to!

More firewood is on its way tomorrow, just in the nick of time.  From the weather forecasts it looks like there is quite the cold spell coming.  Because of our super not air tight windows, we are avoiding turning on the radiators.  They are all placed under windows so I think most of the heat just slips right out the windows.  So it seems like a waste to turn them on.

It is so nice being at home for a change.  I’ve got to find a job closer to home, or from home!  Even the dog is happy that I am home, gives him a little company!

So stay tuned (if anyone reads this) for Adventures in Paris!

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