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Friday… enfin

November 14, 2008

I am so happy that it is Friday!  I thin that the earliest that I got home all week was 8:15pm.  I had my evaluation professionelle this week, which is a rite of passage once a year in the Large French Company. Given the crazy year that we have just gone through, partly due to internal changes, and partly due to the current Financial Crisis, they of course, only had good things to say to me.  But I do work hard, and I have given a lot this year, so I was expecting a good evaluation.  At any ratem I am going to try to take a little bit of sdistance from the entire situation, because it is not worth the money that I am paid to kill myself at work.  It is just a job after all.

My great exciting plans for this weekend are to work on my TEFL certification, walk the dog, and take and upload some pictures.  I’m only going to work on Monday and Tuesday next week, we have some company from the US arriving on Thursday.  I am pretty excited.  I can’t wait for the change of pace, and the opportinunity to do the tourist thing.  I have lived here for years now, but with everyday life butting in, I hardly have any time to do the fun stuff!

We have yet to turn on the heat (radiators, here in France), and are, for the moment using the blower on the stove to heat the house.  We are changing the windows on our house, in January, so I am hoping that once we get some nice PVC windows in we’ll be able to turn off the radiators again.  I am thinking that we may have to turn on the heat next week, it is starting to get pretty cold, and with no one around to keep the fire going during the day, we’ve been coming home to a pretty chilly house!

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