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December 12, 2013

It has been ages since I caught up here.

We had a baby.  Aria.  Her arrival wasn’t how I imagined it, but she is here, healthy, and already 7 months old.  Mom to 3 suits me.  I’m secretly hoping MrB decides he is on board for “just one more”, somehow it seems strange to me to be 100% done with this phase in my life.

We’ve moved.  Au revoir, Metz.  Bonjour, Strasbourg.  My first impressions after 3 months is that I really like it.  The people are nice, the villages are beautiful.  The wine is good.  The only bummer so far is MissL’s school.  It is nowhere as great as the school she was in last year.  The classes have lots of students (27 in a class of four year olds!), and her maitresse (also the directrice) just had a three week absence, which I hear from other Mom’s happened several times last year.  It isn’t a huge deal, but it is a bit of a shame.  I really loved getting her projects and art last year and this year it seems to be a lot less organized, and so far, we’ve gotten nothing home from school other then drawings on paper she’s stuffed in her backpack.  She comes home for lunch every day, on the bus, which she loves. 

I’m really enjoying this period in my life. My New Years Resolution is to live ‘healthier’.  Hopefully better meals, more exercise.  I’m also hoping to get better at speaking to my girls in English.  Because lately that has really gone to the wayside and it is too bad.  Evie is almost 100% ‘French’ if I can say so.  I know it is largely my fault, but I wish it were different.  

Sigh.  Lesson learned.  English only from here on out!  🙂 


Where I come to the Internet to moan… again

March 15, 2013

So, had my ultrasound.  This baby is breech.  Cue very frustrated me.

MissL was breech and I had a C Section.  I’ve already been warned that if this one is breech it’ll be another C Section.  I really, really do not want another C Section and staying at the hospital 5+ days would be really hard on all of us. 

I’m doing yoga, going to see the oesteopath, and am going to start looking for a acupuncturist.  If anyone can spare some ‘head down baby’ thoughts my way I’d really appreciate it though.  I am really pretty stressed about it, my C Section was rough, the first few days were horrid and I didn’t have other kids at the time.  Evie was so, so, so easy in comparison…

February 16, 2013

In addition to trying to get ready for Little One #3 to make his (or her) big appearance we are also bidding our time waiting to hear about another potential move.  MrB’s company is again reorganizing, and while we have a fairly good idea of what it will mean for us, we’re waiting for the ‘official’ word before making plans.

Of course this all happens, again, while I am pregnant.  It seems to be a catalyst for change for us in more way then one, pregnancy.

I’ve been soaking up my girls while they are just 2 of them.  Like I mentioned I feel a bit bad about Evie being the baby for so little, before giving up her spot.  I am just hoping that this little one goes head down and has an ‘easy’ a birth as his (or her!) sister so I can get home asap.  I’m worried about my girls while I’ll be gone, even if I know their Papa will take good care of them.

I had a longer test for gestational diabetes today, 2 hours spent at the lab people watching and getting blood draws.  Hopefully I don’t test positive for diabetes!

I have to remind myself it will all work out as it should, though I’d appreciate any positive thoughts that it all goes ‘easy’…  A long hospital stay would be really rough on all of us at this point.

I’ve also been debating quitting my work at home job as I have no idea how I would even begin to juggle that with 3 kids.  In Fall Lily will be going to school, coming home for lunch, then back to school and then I’ll have to go back and pick her up again.  I am not sure I can handle 4 trips to and from school a day, lunch, baby watching and working 4ish hours per day…  Sigh.

Breathe.  It will all work out somehow.

And then they were 5…

January 13, 2013

Well, the new year rings in a big change for us…  In a few months we’ll be a family of 5 (and 2 dogs!).  It is a bit scary, thinking about it.  I will have 3 children, 3.5 years and under, but I’ve been trying to have faith that somehow it will all work out.  And I know that it will.  I am actually still nursing Evie, as well, so I’m not sure how that will work out, but again, I’m just trying to take it day by day. She is still so very much my baby and I feel bad that she’ll have been the ‘baby’ for such a small amount of time.  I’m going to try to concentrate on spending some special time with each of the girls before BB’s arrival, and to continue to do so after the birth as well.

We’re excited for BB#3 to come, and I secretly think it is another girl (yay!).  We had an ultrasound Thursday and as far as my untrained eye could tell there were no extra ‘bits’ floating around.  This makes me laugh as my MIL is hoping that we are going to have a boy and my SIL a girl (she is pregnant and due a month after me and at the moment has 2 boys)… 

I had to take for the first time during a pregnancy the O’Sullivan test that is for checking people to see if they have gestationnal diabetes.  From what I can tell after drinking their horrible, nasty glucose ‘drink’ I was over the limit by a tiny bit, though my first draw was fine…  So I think that I am good to take the 3 hour test, and any good thoughts that anyone can send my way that I pass I’d greatly appreciate it!  I am going for another VBAC so don’t want to be risked out!  (I can’t be risked out, a 5 day hospital stay would be horrible to manage with the girls at home etc…)


Busy days

November 13, 2012

So, we’ve survived la rentrée, our first 2 week break, and today was back to school.

I’ve gotten pretty used to the “school rhythm” and am starting to find having mornings with only one child quite nice even if that one child keeps me busy on her own!  It ended up being a good thing that I’d decided not to put Lily in school on afternoons, as there isn’t any more room!  I guess the kids nap in a different room (makes sense as she is in a mixed PS/MS class), and the extra room only has room for 10 little beds.  Which are obviously given to families with 2 parents that work out of the home first.  At any rate Lily has yet to figure out that other kids stay, or she has and just doesn’t care, which is nice.  I like our afternoons together and soon enough, (next year!) she’ll be going in afternoons as well.

Lily turned 3 a few weeks ago, and we had a lot of fun.  MrB was stuck in Paris until fairly late due to the SNCF and some panne, but he made it home in time for cake and, Lily’s favorite part, blowing out the candles.  We baked a cake for her maternelle which she was more then excited to take in.  We still hear about it.  Almost every morning is dedicated to talking about birthdays, and who’s is next, and singing the Happy birthday song.

Little Miss Evie turns One in a few days.  I am back in Mama denial.  How is it that I can already have a 3 year old and and 1 year old!!  Destiny worked out that MrB will be gone her birthday night.  He was invited to a big press release and is seated front and center so can’t miss it.  We’re going to do a birthday lunch, which is fine.  Pictures will be better!  (Our living room here is a horribly ugly and dark orange color and makes all my pictures not so great.  I’m desperately needing some time to play with my camera there so I can figure out how to make it work.)

I am going to try a lot harder to blog to keep some sort of journal.  Days go by soo fast it seems but I’d like to keep a log of our days.  I know that before long, my girls will be big and I’ll have more free time but will greatly miss these days.

And for a friend I know that loves the fur-babies…

My Big Girl

June 6, 2012

Yesterday, I finally called.  I think it broke my heart a little.

My ‘big’ girl, who still looks so little to me is going to start pre-school, maternelle, as they say here.

So, I had to call the directrice, get a list of documents I need.  Go to the mayors office for a piece of paper attesting to the fact that we do live at our address, photocopies of her vaccination record, and today, a Doctors appointment with a piece of paper that proves she is apt to participate in ‘la vie en collectivité’.

Sigh.  I am happy for her, I think that she is going to love it.  And I am also a bit sad.  My baby!  In pre-school!  I am only going to put her in mornings though to start.  I figure it is easier let her stay later if she wants to, then it is to back off later.  The afternoon in petite section they mainly nap though so I figure she might as well nap at home.

I’ll update when I’ve met the Directrice (alone!) on Thursday and I know more.  I also have to figure out exactly where the school is, as the primaire and maternelle are right next to each other and I am not sure which is which…


June 5, 2012

(Twice in one week, I think I deserve an award of some kind!)

Saturday we are getting up and the way too early hour of 4:30am to leave at 5:30am for a communion waaaayyy over on the west side of Paris.  We were invited back in February, and agreed to go as we really like the family that invited us.  The mother also happens to be MrB’s godmother, so it was kind of one of those things where you can’t refuse.  Not that we wanted to.  These people are a lot of fun and have friends that are great as well so we like heading over to their neck of the woods for a fun day.

Anyways, the whole ceremony (mass?) starts at 10:30am in a smallish village with horrid parking, so we need to get there around 10am I think so we aren’t late.  Google Maps is annoncing 3 and a half hours, with no traffic, which is unlikely around Paris, especially if the weather is nice.  Worse case it only takes that long, we’ll just have a coffee and croissant before entering the church. There is no way we’ll get there early as I have to do the driving, MrB lost another 2 points the other day and is down to just 1…

After the church part I hear we are all going out to a restaurant for lunch.  Sounds fun.  But this is where I get a bit stuck.  The girls of this family, both have their birthdays in July.  The older one, doing the Communion, mentioned to me at one point that for her birthday and her communion she is getting a laptop.  And I need a gift as well.  She is around 12-13 I think, and we aren’t the god parents so jewelry dosen’t seem right…  I was thinking, given the computer gift, of buying her a Swaroski USB key (those funky manga type ones).  They are pricey, if I had a cheaper idea I’d go for it, but I can’t seem to think of anything.  I am also not sure that she really needs one, but like I said I am coming up with NOTHING for an idea and it is the only thing I can think of…  For the younger sister I am going to get a bracelet or earrings or something for her birthday and so she isn’t left out.  Anyone out there have a better idea then me?

And, my girls were gifted ‘party’ dresses in the US this past trip.  MissL is dying to wear hers, is it ok attire?  They are basically Easter dresses, I don’t know if they are too dressed up or not…  I also have a baby still nursing, so will likely nurse in the Church, after the 4 hour drive I imagine she’ll be hungry…  I guess we can always duck out if we need to, might be a nice break really, as it sounds like the service will be at least an hour long, if not longer.